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Friday, 28 May 2010

Floss Tag - by Jan

You Will Need
Stitched front and back
Fusible Interfacing
Punch and setting tools
Eyelet and ring

Cut interfacing to size to fit just inside your backstitched borders. Iron the interfacing (shiney side down) to both pieces.

Trim each piece to leave about 3/4 inch surrounding the backstitched outer line. Be careful not to trim to close otherwise fraying could be a problem.

You are now ready to start joining the pieces together. With wrong sides together and making sure both pieces are the right way up, finger press the edges of the first side to be joined to the inside ( your backstitched line should sit on the fold). Attach thread to one of the corners. ( I used two strands for joining the pieces).

Whipstitch the sides together taking care to match up the stitches on each side and being careful not to catch the fabric ( just take your needle under the backstitches).

When you reach the first corner turn your stitching and finger press the borders on the next side and continue to whipstitch as before.

Continue to whipstitch until all four sides have been joined. Fasten off your thread by stitching into the seam and then cut off the waste.

You now need to punch a hole through your tag. This can be done using a punch such as the one in the picture or a hand punch tool and hammer.

Once the hole is punched you need to push an eyelet through the hole and use the "setting tool" to squeeze the eyelet closed so that the back of the eyelet lies flush against the fabric.

All that now remains is to insert your ring, attach some floss and enjoy the results of your hard work.

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