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Monday, 25 April 2011

Four-sided Ornament - by Moll

What you need:
Four panels of the same size with backstitched edge
Ribbon or cord for hanging
Tassel (optional)
Beads for edging/ corners (optional)

Start by fingerpressing all the edges


Fasten your thread on the back of one of your panels and pull it out in one of the corners

Attach two panels by catching corresponding backstitches as shown – each time from the top. Attaching a bead to every other stitch makes a nice addition – I haven’t done that on this, but try it one time!

It will look like this. Pull your thread as you go along, but not TOO much as it will distort the fabric

Continue around the corner fastening the hanging ribbon or cord as you go along. When you have done two sides fasten the thread, and leave this bit for now.

Repeat with the third and fourth panel. If you want a tassel at the end of your ornament fasten as you go – the same way you did the hanging – you can also easily attach the tassel later, so don’t worry if you forget.

You should now have two pieces that look a bit like this (and the same on both sides)

Now for the midriff. Attach the thread as before in one of the “free points” and start stitching the two pieces together. You want the point of one piece to go in the seam of the other.

As before, stitch the edges attaching beads in the corners or every other stitch as you go (optional). When you have finished just over 2 sides, stuff your ornament. Continue stitching and stuffing as you see fit towards the end – make sure you have plenty of stuffing.

Fasten your thread and enjoy your lovely ornament!

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