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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Bless You! By Hayley

What you need:

5 Stitched panels to fit your chosen tissue box (complete with backstitched borders)
Iron-on interfacing
Pearl # 12 in a colour to match your fabric

This is the trickiest bit, so let's get it out of the way first - the hole to pull your tissues from.  Stitch a long run of satin stitch the length/width of the required hole.  Cut as shown below and fold the excess under.  Backstitch just along the bottom of the satin stitch.  This not only leaves a neat edge, but also helps to prevent the fabric fraying over time as you use the tissues.

Iron a piece of interfacing on the rear or your stitched top.

Trim the interfacing.  I've allowed a tiny amount of overhang.  This is not seen when in use, but again helps prevent fraying.

Iron interfacing on the rear of each of your other panels.  This is not compulsory, but does help to protect your stitching for washing etc, hides the pattern on the box and helps to strengthen the finished item.

Now if you're a return visitor, you will know just how many of our finishing articles involve using the backstitch/whip stitch method of joining pieces, and this is another.  I tend to use a pearl cotton such as a number 12 as it makes a strong neat edge.  If you're new to this method, check out a few more of our entries

Once you've whip stitched all of the panels together, your finished tissue box cover should look something like this:

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